FUT 21: The OfficialExpels a Player for Life for Racist

FUT 21: The OfficialExpels a Player for Life for Racist

The official has issued a permanent ban on a FUT player after uttering racist insults against former professional player Ian Wright. Patrick O’Brian, 18-year-old Irishman, is banned forever in FUT 20.

It all started last May 2020, when the now sanctioned published a message on social networks where he severely insulted Ian Wright, 57-year-old former English footballer, champion of national and international titles, for his anger after losing an online multiplayer match using his Ultimate Team icon card without the expected results.

Although O’Brien claimed that these insults were the product of the anger of the moment and showed his regret, The company has not considered these apologies to back down on a decision that has already been made. In June 2020 they published an extensive message in which they promised to review their policies and take steps forward in their fight against intolerance.

Wright, who does not think this punishment is enough, is an emblem of this sport in his country after passing him through Arsenal and an icon, at the same time, within FUT in Ultimate Team.

Ian Wright is also known for fighting racism and xenophobia through his social media and television appearances. After his retirement from professional football in 2020, he has closely followed the football universe and has openly condemned any act of racism in the Premier League from the British channels. His podcast on Spotify is his speaker to talk about football news and express himself when he sees fit; This is where he has also expressed his disagreement with this penalty, which he describes as insufficient.

His Instagram account, for example, made the news last June 2020, because it was then that he shared private messages from a user who wrote insults of all kinds; all sharing his racist and intolerant character towards people of color. The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter is widely used in his interventions.

This publication had a superlative impact, to the point of getting 107,000 likes. Currently, Ian Wright is followed by more than a million people on Instagram.

For its part, a campaign against racism called #NoRoomForRacism was launched on February 26, 2021, in collaboration with the English Premiere League and footballers ambassadors; no tolerance against racism.

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