Review Of Mail Chapter In The Series Of KambalapallyKathalu

Review Of Mail Chapter In The Series Of KambalapallyKathalu

Thinking about watching some of the best Telugu films, you should watch Chapter 1 In The Series OfKambalapalliKathalu Mail. The film has been streaming on AHA, one of the best Telugu OTT platforms for movie enthusiasts. It will help if you watch movies online HD like Mail because it contains fragments from real-life situations. The film is a comedy, but the acting is done in such a realistic way that it hardly feels forceful or slapstick. The acting is highly natural, and the comedy is also on the spot because the film has featured only the best actors.

The film was a Directorial debut for the director UdayGurrala who has written and directed the film. Priyanka Dutt produced the film, and the production company that took care of the film’s production was Swapna Cinema Production Company. SweekarAgasthi gave the music, and Kamran gave the score of the film. The cinematography of the film, on the other hand, was given by ShyamDupati and UdayGurrala. The movie features stars like HarshithMalgireddy as Ravi, Priyadarshi as Hybath, Mani Aegurla as Subbu, GauriPriya as Roja, and a few other supporting characters. You can easily watch movies online HD like Mail if you download an OTT platform for Telugu movies.

Both the male leads on-spot and critics have also praised the director for his awesome direction. The story is a highly realistic story that makes us acknowledge beauty even in ordinary things. A familiar story could capture the middle-class themes in a standard set of a good village Kambalapally in Telangana and make the entire film more endearing and realistic. The story is about two leading roles, Hybath and Ravi, played by Priyadarshi and HarshithMalgireddy. Ravi is an enthusiastic youth who wants to learn computers, and he has wanted to do so for a long time.

However, because there is no means of learning computers in the village, he cannot do so. When Hybath opens a computer and internet cafe for the first time in the village, Ravi approaches Hybath to teach him how to operate a computer. Hybath agrees, but he also has the condition of providing liquor every day for teaching Ravi how to operate a computer. To overcome the expenses, Ravi takes a loan from a moneylender, Shivanna. However, he also has to pay back this money lender and sells the anklet of his girlfriend Roja, played by GauriPriya. Everything was running smoothly, and Hybath was teaching Ravi how to operate the computers.

He also opened up an email account for Ravi, and this is where everything goes haywire in the story. You can watch this film to understand how the entire overtone of the story changes once Ravi receives a suspicious email. It would help if you watched NewTelugu movies online like Mail which is a slice-of-life film. Although the protagonist faces many challenges, there is a resolution at the end of the story, making it more natural and endearing.

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